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About "Esine"

Electrosine is at the forefront of developing diagnostic devices for critical electrical assets, such as motors, pumps, and mixers.

Our core mission is to prevent expensive unplanned downtime for our valued clients. Through continuous monitoring and advanced technology, we ensure seamless, efficient operations, empowering our customers to achieve their business goals with confidence.

Product "Esine" Overview

Esine represents a cutting-edge IoT solution developed for the monitoring of essential AC Motors and equipment that runs on AC motors. This innovative tool provides predictive maintenance functionalities. Powered by a machine learning algorithm, Esine excels in detecting potential faults up to six months in advance. It accomplishes this by conducting continuous monitoring and conducting real-time analysis of voltage and current, utilizing model-based methods. Esine's capabilities extend to identifying problems related to electrical, mechanical, and process aspects in both fixed and variable-speed motors and generators. Impressively, it offers all these benefits without the intricacies and high costs typically associated with traditional monitoring systems such as vibration analysis and fulfill short falls of traditional methods where monitoring is not possible because of the environment.

Welcome to the future of electrical asset monitoring with Esine, the cutting-edge solution by Electrosine. Esine is designed to empower your organization with predictive maintenance capabilities, ensuring the seamless operation of critical electrical assets. Below, discover the key features and benefits that make Esine the industry's go-to solution:


  • Prevents downtime, saving costs.
  • Boosts efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhances reliability and peace of mind.
  • Instills confidence in achieving business goals.
  • Cost-saving downtime prevention and enhanced efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Ease of installation & Ease of use.
  • Real time continuous fault monitoring.
  • Early Fault detection.
  • Can monitor remote motors and equipments.
  • It is scalable to multiple equipment simultaneous monitoring.

Take Control with "Esine"

Electrosine's Esine is more than just a monitor; it's a strategic tool for safeguarding your electrical assets, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the reliability of your operations. Take control and embrace the future of electrical asset management with Esine. Your assets, your confidence, your success

- Esine by Electrosine.

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